Call for Entries: “Water”: The Next ACEO Challenge

Water by Melissa Benson

Water by Melissa BensonWe continue our artist trading cards challenge this month.

The theme this month is “Water.”

Members of the guild are asked to submit their original work on artist trading cards (ACEOs) at our next meeting, to be held Tuesday, March 1, 2016 at Two Roads Brewing Company, 7 p.m.

Please do let us know if you think you are going to make it.

Are you still wondering what’s the deal with ACEOs?

These cool little pieces of original artwork are hot right now. Check out the final selection for our first month, themed “Illuminated Letters.”

Members can pick up a blank card  at our monthly meetings. Or feel free to use your own heavy card stock or paper sized 2 1/2″ x 3 1/2″. 

You have the ensuing month to complete the project and submit it in person at the following meeting.

Each month, a selection of nine (9) of the cards will be framed together and put up for sale on the Guild website, price TBD. Each artist will have a stake in the sale.

The framed piece will also be available for sale at all Guild shows until it sells.

The nine cards will also be added to our Zazzle Shop on various items. When sold as a group piece of art, the Guild will receive net proceeds from the sale.  When items are sold individually, the individual artist will receive the net proceeds from the sale.

To join in, become a member and come to our meetings.

Submit any questions you have here. Thanks!


Spring is Calling: Call for Artists & Crafters

Spring May Arts & Crafts Market Sale Stratford CT
The birds are reminding us that spring and summer craft fair season is warming up!

We are happy to announce a Call for Artists & Fine Crafters for our Spring Arts & Crafts Market, to be held Sunday, May 3rd, at 10 a.m. INSIDE the Baldwin Center, Stratford.

Just in time for Mother’s Day shopping, this event is a collection of artists and crafters with superior skills in the handmade crafts. We are accepting a limited number of jewelers.

A great deal is available, by the way. Anyone who applies and is accepted to both our Spring Art & Craft Market and the prestigious Artists & Artisans in Paradise event this summer will receive discounted registration fees.

Out thanks to our talented guild member, Susan Ernst, who supplied the gorgeous artwork for our poster. You can meet Susan at the event and enjoy her printmaking and handmade papers.  You can buy her work online (including this songbird silhouette) at her Etsy shop.