If you love art, this survey is for you

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If you love art, music, theatre, writing and other creative endeavors (and you live within driving distance of Stratford, CT), please take a minute (it’s short!) to complete our survey. We want to know just what kinds of educational arts opportunities to offer you.

Thanks in advance. See you soon!

Coastal Arts Guild of CT Educational Survey 2016

This survey will help us provide you with the arts education programming you desire. Thank you for participating.
  • Hold the CONTROL (COMMAND on Mac) button down to select multiple items. Please choose those you would DEFINITELY or MOST LIKELY be interested in.
  • A master class is taught by a master of that discipline and these classes are generally one-time special events. The instructor teaching it will have a lot of knowledge, experience and charisma. The tuition is usually higher than standard workshops, since the teachers are highly desirable.
  • Members of the guild receive discount and benefits for classes and shows.

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