A Gift for Artists not on their List (But Should Be)

Gift for Artists
An gift for artists that isn’t paint?? Why didn’t I think of that??

When you are wracking your brain for a gift for artists in your life, here’s one you probably didn’t consider, but should.

Buy them a membership to their local art guild.


1. Community. A membership to the local art guild is a gift for artists — and everyone else in your community. Supporting the arts in your community increases tourism, boosts the economy and raises property values. (Americans for the Arts.org)

2. Cost. Guild memberships are relatively inexpensive. Our annual, individual membership is just $35.

3. Resources. Artists can often feel and act as solitary creatures. Yet creativity feeds off of other creative sources. Some of the best resources (grants, arts partnerships, showings, marketing) comes from groups like the Coastal Arts Guild of CT.

buy-local4. Support. The membership cost supports arts programming, yes. But more importantly, the membership says: “I support YOU as an artist.” Many artists don’t join a guild because they don’t feel “good enough.” A membership tells them: these are your people! Join them!

5. Convenience. It’s easy to purchase the membership online. Right from the comfort of your pajamas or mobile device.

To purchase a membership for your artist, click here. Join them in a family membership, and you can even purchase a “patron” or business membership for yourself.

Enjoy the season and remember to shop local and handmade, whenever you can.



How to Prepare for An Art Fair

how to prepare for an art fairYou’ve signed up for the art show.  So, do you have a plan for how to prepare for an art fair?

All those lovely people will be passing by your tent at the next art show, enjoying  the weather, enjoying the music.

But you want them to stop, look and buy.

Art Biz Coach Alyson Stanfield offers a fantastic checklist and timeline for what to do

  • right now, like setting goals
  • soon, like publicity and pricing
  • two weeks before the show, including invitations
  • just before the show, like coming up with a way to count visitors and collect email addresses
  • last minute (don’t forget to remind people to come!)

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What an Artist’s Reputation is Built on

You have an idea of who you are as an artist. But how do others think of you and your work?

Your reputation, according to Professional Artist magazine, “is what is generally said or believed by others about the character of a person.”

As such, reputation can be accurate or inaccurate, and it can be manipulated. In fact, there is a whole industry geared toward managing the reputations of celebrities, performers and politicians, employing publicists to do this on their behalf.

Artists can develop their reputation in six ways, including using quality materials, presenting oneself professionally, and being pleasant, honest and approachable.

Brand Quote BesosThink of some of the business people your refer friends and colleagues to. Why do you refer them?

What are the qualities those business owners have that you admire?


Members of the Coastal Arts Guild of CT have access to Professional Artist Magazine. That’s just another excellent resource we provide to help build your reputation! Join now!