An American Stratford, A UK ‘Shrew’

The Mighty Quinn Foundation, Inc.

Shakespeare Academy @ Stratford (Connecticut) welcomes back British alumni

CAST Cambridge Taming of the Shrew SA@S
“The Taming of the Shrew” will be performed free in Stratford, CT Friday, September 25, 7 p.m. at Shakespeare Academy @ Stratford (The White House) on Elm Street.

CAST, the Cambridge University American Stage Tour, group of young artists from the UK’s University of Cambridge will perform The Taming of the Shrew, Friday, September 25, from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m at the Shakespeare Academy @ Stratford (SA@S) on Elm Street.

Tickets are free, but should be reserved in advance. Donations are warmly accepted to support the theatrical group.

The event is presented by The Mighty Quinn Foundation, which in 2014 launched SA@S, a training-intensive summer rep company for college students which focuses on Shakespeare and Ensemble Theater Making. It completed its second season this summer.

This season, SA@S welcomed three Cambridge students to the summer program.

CAST, established under the patronage of Dame Judi Dench in 2000, is one of the major international theatre tours of the University of Cambridge. It aims to bring the work of Shakespeare to as wide an audience as possible in the eastern United States.

Now in its sixteenth year, Cambridge University’s largest international tour show has been performing to packed houses and critical acclaim since 2000. Each September, Cambridge’s most talented actors, directors, designers and technicians travel across the Atlantic to bring a Shakespeare play to colleges, high schools and professional theaters.

The Mighty Quinn Foundation is a organizational member of the Coastal Arts Guild of CT.

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Fire and Paint: The Art of John Houle

John Houle Burnt Offerings 2015

A first place winner at the Elements of Nature Art Show, John Houle’s pyrography is instantly recognizable for it texture and technique.

“I believe art should … make a statement about who we are and about our passions. Pyrography, scrimshaw on wood or woodburning, as an art form is timeless and yet very unique. Our ancestors used burnt wood (charcoal) to depict their everyday lives on cave walls before there were other media.”

John Houle Timber Wolves

John Houle, the artist behind “Burnt Offerings,” depicts animals active in nature, as well as familiar markers of a natural landscapes, such as mills, lighthouses, and trees in his work. The subject matter and the media are intricately intertwined.

“The use of Birch wood with its tight grain, allows for intricate and extensive detail and texture. The marriage of the two mediums, pyrography and acrylic wash, greatly enhance the creation allowing you to touch the scales of a bass striking a plug, feel the plumage of a preening bird or touch the rocks beneath a wave washed lighthouse.”

Houle’s work will be available this weekend at Artists and Artisans in Paradise, August 30th at Paradise Green.

Stonehill industrial decor influenced by family

Stonehill Design: Cylindrical Honeycomb Light
Stonehill Design’s Cylindrical Honeycomb Light

Fairfield-based designer and artist Jason Aleska of Stonehill Design has mechanical handiwork in his genes.

“My grandfather owned a tool and die shop which eventually evolved in my father’s business, Advance Heat Treating Co. in Fairfield, CT.

I was always fascinated by the amazing machines they had in the shop, like the Bridgeport Milling Machine, a relic we still have to this day…”

Aleska gives old items a new lease on life, upcycling rustic and vintage industrial pieces such as fans, rotary phones, radios, space heaters and more.

The new items become fanciful, mechanical and are, in fact, still useful. They are also one-of-a-kind lighting and decor, fabricated by hand in his workshop.

“These men, using these tools were able to provide for 3 generations of our family. They instilled in me an appreciation for quality workmanship and a respect for the time it takes to do something yourself.”

Come and meet Aleska and see his beautifully crafted work Sunday, May 3rd at the Baldwin Center in Stratford.


Alicia Nicole Designs and those Stunning Handbags

Alicia Nicole Designs: Green Floral Clutch
Green Floral Clutch by Alicia Nicole Designs

At the CAGCT’s Spring Arts & Crafts Market you can meet Alicia Meredith, the craftswoman behind the simply stunning, original handbags, pocketbooks, scarves and clutches.

Although there seems to always be a wild rush for a designer name, the next step up from “must-have” is “one-of-a-kind.”

These handbags and accessories are individual pieces of art. We are thrilled to have Alicia back for this show and can’t wait to see her newest work.

Want to know more? You can RSVP for the show here.