Featured Artist Mick Theebs

Artist Mick Theebs
Artist Mick Theebs
Mick at work.

Artist Mick Theebs: A Jack of All Arts

This past week I was able to have a discussion with local artist Mick Theebs to discuss his works as well as other aspects of his life. His website ALSOTHAT.com showcases his works as well as several other artists. I had the recent pleasure of exchanging words with him as he is a member of the Guild and become more familiar with him. 

Coastal Arts Guild of CT: At what age did you start to get involved in art?

Mick Theebs: I’ve been writing fiction and poetry for most of my life. It’s something I’ve always been compelled to do, I guess. I can’t really ever imagine life without it.

Visual art, on the other hand, is a much more recent passion. I would say I started painting only four or five years ago, at most. That would put me at around 20 years old. Even then, my paintings were small and rudimentary. Only very recently have I started to take my visual art more seriously. I still have a lot to learn, but I’m enjoying myself.

CAGCT: What were some of the factors that got you going in art?

MT: I can’t say there was one thing that made me realize I wanted to be an artist. It was kind of a gradual thing. I always thought it would be fun to be a painter. One day I finally pulled the trigger and bought some art supplies. It’s hard to explain in a concise manner, but I believe art (writing, painting, music, performance, etc.) is the most important thing humanity has created, as it allows us to explore and document both our material and immaterial experiences. Imagine how ugly and boring the world would be without art!

CAGCT: On your website, there is both photography and visual art. Do you prefer doing one over the other?

MT: I prefer visual art, hands down. I originally purchased my camera to take high-quality photos of my work. I definitely enjoy taking photos, but I think there are bigger barriers to development- namely the price of quality equipment, which keeps me from honing my skills as much as I would like to. Plus, I find the experience of creating something with my own two hands more immediate and rewarding.

It's All In Your Head by artist Mick Theebs
“It’s All In Your Head” by artist Mick Theebs. 

CAGCT: Which piece of art of yours is your favorite and what was the inspiration behind it?

MT: I have two pieces that are very dear to my heart: Kiss and Isabelle. These were the first two pieces I painted that made me stop and say “I think I might be a real artist now”.

I wish there was some deeper meaning or inspiration that I could point to, but there isn’t. I was noodling around in Photoshop and ended up creating designs I liked then decided to make paintings based on those designs. These two paintings are the direct result of that process.

CAGCT: When you are not creating art, what may someone see you doing on a day like this?

MT: This may sound boring, but I don’t really do much besides making art. I try to spend time with my family and with my beautiful girlfriend, Kat. I try to engage the art community by attending events and visiting artists in their studios. I run ALSO THAT, which is in a constant state of improvement. I work on my fiction and poetry and have recently started branching out into script writing with a few close friends. Fit all this around a 9-5 office job and there isn’t much time for anything else.

CAGCT: What is your EDSFTG (Every Day Should Feel This Good) moment?

MT: Whenever I have a full day to myself, I try to set a few goals. Get some writing done, do a little painting. Read. Exercise. Do some website maintenance. I’ll write my tasks down in a little notepad and cross them off when I complete them. I would say my EDSFTG moment is when I get everything done and still have a little time to myself to relax and unwind.

CAGCT: If you could be any person in the world for a day, who would it be?

MT: Somehow this is the hardest question. I feel like Jerry Seinfeld has a great life. I don’t think I would mind being him for a day. If I could be anyone living or dead, I would have to say Pablo Picasso, just so I could know what it feels like to be a genius.

You can follow artist Mick Theebs on Twitter @MickTheebs or @ALSO_THAT or read more at ALSOTHAT.com

A beautiful gift: Connecticut artist notecards

Tango: Mark Hannon

We’re proud to present a beautiful packet of Connecticut artist notecards, now available for sale here on our site.

The work of eight of our members are featured on the cards, including information about the artist and their work.

The work reflects a life in Connecticut by our coastal artists. The artwork represented includes watercolor, printmaking, mixed media, photography and poetry/collage.

The notecards are 4″x6″ and blank inside, with plain white envelopes.

Connecticut Ar Notecards

Artist Susan Ernst shares her winter art meditations

Susan Ernst March Meeting CAGCT 2015

At our March Coastal Arts Guild Meeting at Two Roads, mixed media artist and member Susan Ernst, right, presented some of her winter work.

These were not like her hanging pieces, but instead visual journals she’d created, she said, as a way of meditating on other work she’d wanted to do. These were related to identity, winter and her garden.

Ernst is an avid gardener with an associates degree in Ornamental Horticulture and a bachelors degree in Studio Art.
Susan Ernst Collage Journal March 2015 Coastal Arts Guild
The books were beautiful, filled with a combination of magazine images, personal inscriptions, drawings, transcribed quotes and more. Ernst bound most of the books herself. The above visual journal is an altered book, she said.

One of her Garden Songbird silhouettes is featured on the Coastal Art Guild’s Spring Art & Craft Market poster. Ernst will be showing and selling her work at the May 3rd art show.

Spring Art Show Stratford featuring Susan Ernst

Ernst’s original piece, made from old book pages, ephemera, acrylic paint, masonite, ledger paper, acrylic varnish is on sale at her Etsy shop, Wisteria Studios, along with others in the Garden Songbird series.

Thanks Susan for sharing your work!

Spring is Calling: Call for Artists & Crafters

Spring May Arts & Crafts Market Sale Stratford CT
The birds are reminding us that spring and summer craft fair season is warming up!

We are happy to announce a Call for Artists & Fine Crafters for our Spring Arts & Crafts Market, to be held Sunday, May 3rd, at 10 a.m. INSIDE the Baldwin Center, Stratford.

Just in time for Mother’s Day shopping, this event is a collection of artists and crafters with superior skills in the handmade crafts. We are accepting a limited number of jewelers.

A great deal is available, by the way. Anyone who applies and is accepted to both our Spring Art & Craft Market and the prestigious Artists & Artisans in Paradise event this summer will receive discounted registration fees.

Out thanks to our talented guild member, Susan Ernst, who supplied the gorgeous artwork for our poster. You can meet Susan at the event and enjoy her printmaking and handmade papers.  You can buy her work online (including this songbird silhouette) at her Etsy shop.